Why Now?

Right now, South Carolina is in the midst of an energy crisis.

In 2008, the VC Summer project began to expand the plant’s nuclear reactors to help the state meet its future energy needs. After a corruption scandal, a 75% budget overage, and scores of workers being laid off, the project was abandoned last year.

With 22 other failed nuclear projects in the state’s history, the legacy of VC Summer is not lost on South Carolinians as it’s hitting them where it hurts most – their wallets. Utility companies secured a special exemption to pass on costs to ratepayers before the new reactors were operational, one of the big reasons why South Carolina pays the nation’s highest electricity bills in the country, at more $400 more a year than the U.S. average.

Why Clean Energy?

In this crisis is an opportunity. Clean energy is the clear way forward.

In 2014 South Carolina passed legislation that brought residential solar to the state, creating over 3,000 jobs in the process. By choosing solar again, we can create thousands of jobs, lower our power bills, and give ratepayers more choice in where they get their energy from. North Carolina has seen a $1 billion boom in solar in the last few years. South Carolina can be next!

In May 2019, the House of Representatives and the Senate unanimously passed the The Energy Freedom Act, a bill that calls for energy sources to compete on fair terms and allows South Carolinians a more diverse choice of energy suppliers. The Energy Freedom Act will save South Carolinians money on their energy bills and create a real future for solar in the state.


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