South Carolinians got loud and our leaders listened.

In 2018 over 250 audience members, from veterans to church-goers, attended screenings on the Dear South Carolina Tour. Audiences discussed energy equity issues among various communities, the dangers military men and women face in protecting fuel during combat, and much more.

After the screenings, audience members wrote messages to their local representative urging them to support and vote for clean energy in their state. Politicians listened and took notice.

Key milestones:

  • 8 Republican legislators attended events, where they shared their support for clean energy policy after listening to what their constituents had to say.

  • Representative Jason Elliot switched his position on solar, voting in favor of doubling the net metering cap on solar, which would make solar a more desirable option for residents across the state.

  • Legislators in the S.C. House of Representatives passed the Energy Freedom Act in Feb. 2019, including many that attended our events: Rep. Clary, Rep. Elliott, Rep. Trantham, and Rep. Ballentine 

Policy leaders who have attended the Dear South Carolina Tour:

  • Rep. Gary Clary (R)

  • Rep. Jason Elliott (R)

  • Rep. Ashley Trantham (R)

  • Rep. Nathan Ballentine (R)

  • Rep. Phyllis Henderson (R)

  • Rep. Seth Rose (D)

  • Rep. Nathan Ballentine (R)

  • Sen. Scott Talley (R)

  • Sen. Shane Massey (R)

  • Former Rep. Bob Inglis (R)

  • City Councilwoman Allison Terracio

  • County Councilmen Michael Brown (D)

  • Mayor Brendon Moses Barber, Sr (D)

  • County Council Chair John Thomas

  • Rep. Carl Anderson (D)

… and more to come! Join your local legislators and join the conversation at one of our upcoming screenings.